GSRA Client Testimonials

Owen Landon III, President

Echo-Interactive LLC

A good friend and very trusted colleague suggested I contact Mark Kopenski to better understand the nuances of international student recruitment…described Mark as being amongst the best in our industry. He very quickly demonstrated a depth of knowledge and contacts but perhaps what is most refreshing, is his candor. He understands and will explain in great detail what is, and perhaps more importantly, what is not possible. Mark will build a strategic plan appropriate for any given university based on their program offerings, size, location, and commitment / budget. Expectations get set at an appropriate level, progress relative to the strategic plan is monitored, reported, modified if necessary, and over time real progress gets made. In an area such as international student recruitment, Mark earns perhaps the highest praise…you can trust him.

Alastair Mckenzie, Senior Project Manager

Bernard Hodes Group London

Mark was my client at Richmond The International University in London when my communications agency at the time helped create the collateral to help market the university to a global audience. Mark always bought tremendous insight and experience of the global marketplace to the work we were creating. It’s this unparalleled appreciation of the global education marketplace that will Mark an outstanding success in his role at GSRA

Romina Yaneva, Admission & Marketing Coordinator

European School of Economics - London

I had the pleasure to know and work with Mark Kopenski during my time at European School of Economics. He has an incredible knowledge of the higher education market and a great understanding of ROI which is key factor for every institution. I would highly recommend GSRA to any HE institution that is looking to improve their marketing strategy and implement it with success. Mark will bring to your institution not only the expertise in enrollment management, but also the broad professional network he has created over the years. Mark’s enthusiasm, motivation and passion for HE are contagious

Dr. Ian D.C. Newbould, President

Mount Allison University

Provost, the University of Mary Washington, Virginia USA, President, St. Mary’s College Maryland “Few consultants know both the American and the international higher educational community like Mark Kopenski. Put simply, he knows how to recruit students from a variety of countries and backgrounds. In today’s competitive world, locating prospects and converting them into enrolled students requires many skills and approaches, and a knowledge base far different from the past. Mark has demonstrated his ability to do so.

Danette Anderson, Director of Marketing

John Cabot University

Many people profess to be experts in “The marketing of higher education” but very few can claim to have the actual expertise that Mark Kopenski has. He not only has the professional skills necessary to work in this highly competitive market, but also possesses the moral and ethical standards required of best practices. He has an extensive international network and continuously strives to improve his services to his clients in enrollment management, higher education marketing and recruiting. Mark is also attentive to his clients and delivers on his promises.

Mr. Justin Weddle, Past Director of Admissions at Richmond

The American International university in London

I’ve known Mark for over eight years and reported to him from 2005 to 2011 whilst working at Richmond The American International University in London. Mark’s knowledge, leadership and enrollment management experience were a great asset not only to me, as the Director of Admissions, but to our entire team. His dedication to student recruitment is exemplary and no matter where he was traveling (regardless of the time zone) Mark was always engaged with our students, their families, and in touch with his team. I learned a lot from Mark’s expertise in enrollment management and always admired his personal commitment to our staff’s professional development. Mark would be an asset to any organization and I highly recommend him and his work.

Ms. Mara Nisdeo, Past Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Administrator

The American University of Rome

I’ve known Mark and I have had the pleasure of being part of the same HE group with him since 2006. Mark is student orientated, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and a hard work ethic. Internationally experienced, hard working and responsible, I highly recommend Mark for any HE position.

Sindhuja Vasdevan, Director


Mark is a resourceful professional and has tremendous interest and knowledge of the education sector. As a manager, his approach is directional yet challenging. He strives to inculcate lateral thinking and brings thought-provoking ideas to any forum. He has a shrewd understanding of team members and behaviors. After 25 years in the education sector, he still has an exceptional interest in gaining knowledge about the changing education sector in its broadest sense. Moreover he enjoys sharing this knowledge with his team members and opens the forum for an interaction of ideas and perceptions. I am positive that this approach will go a long way in bringing him success in the consulting business

Elizabeth Stalberg, Marketing Communications Manager

Richmond The American International University in London

Mark was a great manager, he invested in his staff and always gave them the opportunity and space to grow. His knowledge of the world of Higher Education and its recruitment and admissions strategies are impressive. I have personally learnt a lot from him.

Rachel Fletcher, Director of Operations

Hobsons Plc

I started working with Mark during his time at Richmond University where he headed up the partnership with Hobsons for the University. He is innovative, drives positive change and consistently seeks effective analysis of ROI to better inform marketing activity and campaigns.

Marie Rodriguez, Esq.,

Lugano Educational Consultancy, Mexico

We have worked with the advisors at GSRA for years and now that they have incorporated their company in London, we look forward to a long and successful collaboration.  There work and friendly style are unique in business today and our team at Lugano enjoys working with them.

Mr. Rajiv Podar, CEO and President

Podar Inc. Mumbai

Mark’s been advising and guiding us with my daughters education abroad. He has been wonderful and very helpful. We really valued his expertise and would recommend him highly to families looking for insight into the university selection process.

Nathan Scott, USC Advanced Standing First Year Student


My dream to study in America came true last year thanks to Mr. Kopenski and his vast knowledge of the American University system. He guided me through my options, assisted with the complicated admission and scholarship process and set up campus visits for me and my mom to attend. If you are looking to study in the US and want to cut through the confusion of so much choice the advisors at GSRA can really help.

Giovanni Sanna, Director

Big Choice Group Ltd, London

I have worked with many consultants over the years, and I would rank Global Student Recruitment Advisors as one of the most insightful and strategic teams with whom I have partnered. Additionally, Mark Kopenski, president of GSRA has incredible knowledge of the international education market which is extremely valuable in our development of solutions for higher education institutions. I would recommend GSRA to any Higher Education Institution that is making tough, strategic decisions to grow their business

Mr. Omar Al-Omar Student, Kuwait City


The Advisors at GSRA were extremely helpful, professional and at the end of the day worked hard to find the best fit university for my future. I have recommended them to friends and family and would encourage anyone who is looking for university selection advice to get in touch with these guys

Tarik Zahzah, Country Manager USA

EF Education First

“Mark is an experienced professional of the Higher Education world. He has provided me with great insights into the Higher Ed world. His network is extensive, and he is trusted. It is also a pleasure working with Mark, as our conversations have always been productive and interesting.”

Sean Mccarthy, Assistant Director of China Initiatives

Dayton University

“Working with Mark has been an incredibly rewarding experience. As an institution, we are continuing to develop innovative ways to engage international students in the American higher education experience, and we have also been developing cost-effective means for U.S. students to have an education abroad experience. Mark has been key in helping us develop these two initiatives. His detailed knowledge of international higher education, with its complexities and multi-faceted nature, is very rare to find, and it has helped develop two of our key institutional objectives.”

Sal Mazzone, Director

International Student and Scholar Institute (ISSI) Northeastern University Boston

I had the pleasure to work with Mark during the evaluation process of the organizational structure and service output to international students and scholars within our unit. Mark brought to the table a truly substantial understanding and appreciation of those essential intercultural and system dynamics that play a role in ensuring that our international population is able to achieve successful results. Mark exercises a wide range of analytical skills in evaluating and offering maximizing solutions to a variety of contexts within the enrollment management arena. He truly looks into discovering and enabling the professional potential within office staff and teams. He shares his expertise in and familiarity with the field of Higher Education with great personable and effective communication styles. Mark will bring tangible value and depth in any institution that aims at reaching stature and results in the constantly evolving area of International Education.

Basil Cleveland, Ph.D., EVP

Shorelight Education

No one doubts that the international higher education landscape is changing rapidly. Competition for qualified international students in every market segment is increasing, and few institutions have the internal resources or expertise needed to navigate these changes—to re-invent their operations in a way that makes them competitive without sacrificing academic quality. Enter Mark Kopenski. Mark has established himself as the leading consultant for universities seeking to implement programs and strategies for international growth. He’s that rare students-first consultant who combines expertise in accreditation, complex global partnerships, and enrollment strategy. Recommended without reservation.

Dr. Jeff Beedy, Head of School Prunell School

I have worked with many consultants and educators over my 30 years in education, and I rank Mark Kopenski, at the top. For me, the most important attribute is Mark’s kindness and deep care for his clients and the students. Mark is also at the top of his game and his strategic efforts has made an impact on our school. Mark is conscientious and most importantly he “gets the job done”.  I look froward to our continued relationship and support Mark in his brilliant work..

Gokhan Alkanat, Ph.D., Director of the International Center

Rowan University

Mark Kopenski has exceptional knowledge not only with international education concerning student recruitment and marketing, but also the administrative side of it. He helped us streamline our admission policies and processes and build a robust and sustainable international recruitment plan. He has a strong international network, which enabled us to establish presence in target countries effectively and efficiently. It has been only a bit more than a year since we started working with GSRA, and we have already witnessed a significant increase in international student enrollment thanks to Mark Kopenski’s guidance and efforts. I highly recommend GSRA to anyone who needs support and guidance in international enrollment management.

Abby Love, M.S., Director of International Admissions

Wilkes University

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark over the last few years. Institutions are always looking to be innovative and creative when it comes to recruiting international students and Mark has been an instrumental piece in our team in finding new avenues to enroll students. His vast network around the world has opened doors for our institution and has given us the opportunity to make our brand known in areas that we might not have otherwise been in. I’ve truly been thankful to work with Mark over the years and to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the international enrollment field.

Viji George, President

GAC Consulting,NY

As a past college President, I was keen on partnering with a consultant who had intimate understanding of American Higher Education as well the international student market. GSRA fits that bill perfectly. Mark Kopenski brings decades of experience in both American Higher Education as well as international student recruitment. The dynamics in this market is very fluid and therefore it is critical that a consultant is well versed and nimble to respond to these changes. We have been pleased with GSRA’s exemplary standard of ethical practices that sets them apart from the many unscrupulous players in this marketplace.